31 Carpet Bowls Club Reports

    Monday 11/10/10      31 Club   v   Castlehill B     (Home)

    The first game of the new season found both teams of 31 Club in top form as they both played really well as the score line suggested of 19-5 & 15-7 for 31.

    In the first game the home team found themselves 13-1 up after 6 ends with Castlehill B taking 4 shots in the next two ends for 13-5 after 8 ends with 31 taking 6 shots in the last 3 ends to make the final score 19-5 taking 8 of the eleven ends.

    The second game saw 31 ahead 7-4 after seven ends then taking two two's and a four in the next three ends and Castlehill B a three in the last end to make the final score 15-7 to 31 Club with all players of both teams playing their part.
    Thursday 21/10/10       Cambusnethan   v   31 Club    (Away)

    31 Club travelled to Cambusnethan for the second game of the season and were surprised to find themselves 11-0 up in the first game after four ends before the home team got a shot on the board in the fifth end and then they took another six shots in three ends to lead 17-1 after nine eight ends with Cambusnethan puting another shot on board, and 31 took control again taking another six shots in the final two ends for a 23-2 win.

    The second game and 31 carried on taking five shots in the first end then losing four shots in the next two ends before taking seven shots in the next five ends to lead 12-4 after eight ends over the final three ends the home team managed to get four shots to make the score a little bit respectable for them of 12-8 to 31 Club.
    Monday  25/10/10       31 Club   v   Wishawhill     (Home)

    This local derby between the two local Wishaw teams usually ends up pretty close with the score lines but the scores did not reflect the standard of play from the visitors as in the first game 31 were eight up after two ends with the visitors getting three shots in the third then a four in the fourth for 31 making the score12-3 to 31, the next seven ends saw the visitors getting six shote and 31 nine shots for a 21-9 win.

    The second game once again saw the home team take command of the game winning seven to Wishawhills four ends for a 19-4 win, but it has to be said the the scores of both games did not reflect the shots that were played by the visitors and with a bit of luck on their side they could have been a lot closer than the scores were.
    Thursday 04/11/10     St. Patrick   v   31 Club      (Away)

    This match saw 31 lose their first points of the season but not before they took the first game by storm by puting the home team on the back foot right from the start, the visitors found themselves 13-0 up after six ends with all players playing their part in this score, but as is usually the way when a team is on that number they seem to falter a little and this was the case when the home team picked up six shots over the next three ends to bring them back to 13-6 but the visitors managed to pick up a shot in each of the last two ends to finish the game 15-6 winners, star of this game was Violet McMichael who played out of her skin.

    The second game started pretty even with 31 taking a 3-2 lead after the third end but after this everything started to crumble as the home team started to up the pace with their second and third players putting in some really good shots and only allowing 31 to win two shots and two ends of the last seven ends for a final defeat for 31 of 15-5, but 31 still remain top of the league on shot difference from Newmains.

    As 31 have no game next week due to them having to postpone it until Monday 29th November as three of there members will be attending an E.G.M. of their outdoor bowling club which leaves them only with five players, so they will probably be playing catch up when they next play Dalzell on Tuesday 16th November away.

    Tuesday  16/11/10           Dalzell   v   31 Club      (Away)

    The first game started slowly for 31 and they found themselves 6-0 down after three ends before taking two singles and a double in the next three ends to bring it back to 6-4, the home team got two singles in the next two ends to lead 8-4 after eight ends.

    In ends nine and ten 31 got two singles bringing the score to 8-6 and a two shot lead for the home team going in to the last end,
    the visitors nearly pulled off the win when they were lying two shots and another two bowls were lying in a handy position for a slight promotion for a third shot by the skip but his last bowl which was looking good with controlled weight just turned away from the target and 31 had to settle for a share of the points at 8-8.

    The score line of the second game does not reflect the way that the game went as far as 31 were concerned, once again they found themselves 6-0 down after three ends before getting a shot on the board in the fourth, but they only got another two shots during the rest of the game, but it has to be said that during most of the ends 31 were lying a few shots but did not get the breaks as they were trying to draw more shots but pushed the jack to their opponnents bowls on a few occasions and also burning two ends unintentionly
     This was also mentioned by Tommy Hands in his speach and in the end 31 were beaten 20-3 which did not reflect the bowls played.
    Monday  22/11/10            31 Club   v   Newmains        (Home)

    31 Club entertained the league leaders in nthe hope to take points off them and in the first game the nearly pulled it off by taking a 6-1 lead after five ends, Newmains then got four shots in the next two ends to pull it back to 6-5, but over the next two ends 31 managed to pick up three shots to take a 9-5 lead going into the last two ends, the tenth end proved a bad end for the home team when they lost a three to allow Newmains back into the game, needing only one shot in the last end for a share of the points which they got with the final score being 9-9.

    The second game got off to a bad start when 31 lost a three in the first end, but pulled one back in the second before finding themselves 7-1 down after four ends, once again they pulled two shots back in the fifth end only for the visitors to pick up one in the sixth for an 8-3 lead. But 31 pulled themselves right back into the game when the levelled the scores at 8-8 when they got a five in the seventh end, but then gave away a three in the next end to fall 11-8 behind and gave away four shots to one in the last three ends to lose 15-9.
    Monday  29/11/10          31 Club   v   Castlehill A     (Home)       Postponed game from 8/11/10

    Believe it or not this game although played indoors was affected by the weather as some players from both sides could not make it because of the snow, but this did not affect 31 as they took control of the first game by taking a 3-0 lead after two ends with the visitors gatting one back in the next end, but 31 took a 9-1 lead after six ends picking up six shots in the process, the visitors doubled their score in the next end to trail 9-2 , 31 then picked up thirteen shots in the final three ends to finish 22-2 winners.

    Game two was a much closer affair which could have went either way with no team really gaining a big advantage, with only one or two shots in it to 31 at any time. as they found themselves 6-4 up after the ninth end, in the tenth end the visitors were lying four shots and the home skip drew in for shot for a 7-4 lead going into the last end, but once again Castlehill A were lying four shots up with one touching the jack and only the skips to play the home skip played his first bowl which was wide of the mark and the visiting skip played a covering bowl which just curled narrow which left the home skip with a chance to draw round the bowls which he did to perfection right onto the jack which resulted in a no shot, and a 7-4 win for 31 Club.
    =================================================================================================Monday 13/12/10            31 Club   v   Newarthill     (Home)     

    The first game turned into a one sided afair for 31 which should really have been closer on paper but the advantage was always with the home team who found themselves 10-1 up after six ends, all of 31 team were playing well and in the remaining ends they really consolidated to finish up 14-3 winners.

    Game two seemed to be going the same way for 31 club when after four ends they found themselves 6-0 up but the visitors picked up three shots in the next two ends and 31 one shot in the seventh end for a 7-3 lead, it was at this point that 31 lost the place and allowed newarthill to gain ten shots in the last four ends (a 5 in the last) for a 13-7 win to the visitors.